Figs- #wellnesswednessday

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Figs- #wellnesswednessday

Wellness Wednesday tip of the week. Did you know figs contain a wealth of beneficial nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium and chlorine.


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Snack Healthy!

It’s wellness Wednesday y’all! Your tip of the week – prep healthy snacks for you and the family that are easily accessible. Fresh cut fruit mixed with almonds are a perfect afternoon treat!



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IT’S BANANAS! b a n a n a s.

This wellness Wednesday tip is BANANAS! b a n a n a s. Did you know #bananas may help with heart burn, lowers blood pressure, helps with circulation and so much more!


Check out this Healthy Chocolate Banana Ice Cream from


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We have said it before- hydration is essential to having a productive workout. Even with cooler weather, staying hydrated is extremely important. Stay away from sugary drinks and try coconut water for a refreshing yet hydrating drink.


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Aloe Water

Drinking aloe water has a slew of health benefits such as anti aging properties. It’s packed with vitamin B, C and E. ***Please note you should always consult your Heath provider before taking on any new diet changes. Aloe Vera water may not be a option for everyone considering individual health risk.


HERE IS MY FAVORITE- og-exposed-active

If you are feeling brave check out the how to by freepeople-


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Oh my avocados! Proven to lower cholesterol, maintained blood sugar, anti aging and much more! Wellness Wednesday tip of the day!



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From Within…

Living healthy starts from within. Now… Yes, this may sound complete cliche. But! Let’s really think about that. When we eat junk food and the “not so good” foods- we don’t feel our best. So let’s not only keep our bodies healthy with staying active, but begin to make our bodies healthier from within.

A super easy way to get in the daily dose of veggies is JUICE! Here is one of our favorites- Carrot Apple Ginger Juice