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Staying hydrated is extremely important in living a #healthy life. Did you know by the time you are thirsty your body has already lost 1-2% of its water?

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Choosing healthy….

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Ok… raise your hand if you need a little motivation. Maybe we are on our own when it comes to sweets and need a little extra push! That’s why we are deciding to CHOOSE healthy. So stand with us when we say WE ARE CHOOSING HEALTHY.

What are you choosing healthy today? Snap a pic and tag us #purepilatesbr


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From Within…

Living healthy starts from within. Now… Yes, this may sound complete cliche. But! Let’s really think about that. When we eat junk food and the “not so good” foods- we don’t feel our best. So let’s not only keep our bodies healthy with staying active, but begin to make our bodies healthier from within.

A super easy way to get in the daily dose of veggies is JUICE! Here is one of our favorites- Carrot Apple Ginger Juice