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November 2015 – Pure Pilates

Month: November 2015

Soooo Sweet ;)

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Our wellness Wednesday tip of the day is extra SWEET today. It’s all about dark chocolate. Yep. Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants, can help control blood sugar, healthy heart benefits! If you need something sweet, opt for dark chocolate.



Snack Healthy!

It’s wellness Wednesday y’all! Your tip of the week – prep healthy snacks for you and the family that are easily accessible. Fresh cut fruit mixed with almonds are a perfect afternoon treat!



IT’S BANANAS! b a n a n a s.

This wellness Wednesday tip is BANANAS! b a n a n a s. Did you know #bananas may help with heart burn, lowers blood pressure, helps with circulation and so much more!


Check out this Healthy Chocolate Banana Ice Cream from